Social Security Number (Spanish- lengua Española)

Social Security Number (Spanish- lengua Española)

Overview: The Afghan population in the United States shares a common nationality and religion but is  diverse in terms of political orientation, religious affiliation, ethnicity, social class, and attitude toward  modernization. The importance of this diversity cannot be overstated. In terms of ethnicity alone, there  are 19 different groups in Afghanistan, and, while most of the Afghans in the United States are Pashtun  and Tajik, there is an Uzbek minority in New York, as well as some Afghan Jews and Hindus, and Hazaras  are scattered around the country. 

Official Languages: Pashto and Dari/Farsi 

Both of these languages are widely spoken throughout Afghanistan. 35% of the population speaks  Pashto, and 50% speaks Farsi. The remainder speaks a variety of other languages. 

COMMON PHRASES (Pashto and Dari/Farsi) 

Hello – Salaam  

Welcome – Pakheyr / Khosh amadid 

How are you? – Ta sanga yee / Haleh shoma chetoreh  

What’s your name? – Staa num tsa dhe / Esme shoma  


Thank you – Manana / Kheily mamnoon 

Reply to thank you – Har kala rasha / Khahesh mikonam 

Goodbye – Da khoday pa amaan / Khodahafez  


  • Religion: Afghanistan is almost entirely a Muslim nation. The constitution of Afghanistan  declares Islam the national religion, and over 99% of the country identifies as Muslim.  Clothing: Afghans, like most Muslim peoples, dress very modestly. Women tend to wear loose fitting dresses with a headscarf or hijab to cover their hair. Very conservative women and those  living in regions ruled by the Taliban will wear a burqa, which covers the face. Men also dress  modestly, usually wearing long-sleeve shirts, pants, and often some form of headwear.  Food: The food in Afghanistan is a mix between Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indian. It includes a  lot of fruit and nuts, as well as rice and lamb. Yogurt is also used as a topping, like how cheese is  used in the United States 
  • Sports: Like most nations outside of the U.S., Afghanistan’s main sports are soccer (which they  call football) and cricket. However, the national sport is called “Buzkashi,” and involves riders on  horseback attempting to place an animal carcass into a goal. 

Facts to know

  • Direct eye contact or shaking of hands between men and women is generally not considered  appropriate.  
  • Hospitality is one of the most important virtues in Afghan culture. Guests should be offered the  best that the household has to offer.  
  • Under 30% of the population is literate.  
  • The Soviet Union fought a long, unsuccessful war in Afghanistan during the 1980s. This war is  considered the “Vietnam” of the U.S.S.R.  

Current Events: 

  • As of 31 August 2021, the US has welcomed families and individuals; 643 (2021), 604 (2020),  1,198 (2019), and 805 (2018). 
  • Many of the problems facing Afghanistan have their roots in 1996, when the Taliban took over  the country and instituted their own government. In 2001, in the wake of 9/11, the Taliban  government refused to hand Osama bin Laden over to the United States. This prompted our  invasion of the nation, which led to a Taliban-led insurgency war against the US-backed  government in Kabul. This conflict has continued, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties and  millions of displaced persons. In fact, there are 2.7 million Afghan refugees registered globally.  
  • After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US has initiated the Afghan Placement and  Assistance Program here in the USA. Afghan individuals and families are in need of cultural  mentors who will help them integrate into their new homes.  

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