Driver’s License

Driver’s License

Task #14-Driver’s License 

Sadly, the public transportation system in most U.S. cities is not satisfactory. This forces at least one member of a newcomer family to go through the process of getting: 1) a state driver’s permit, 2)  driver’s license, and 3) a car with insurance. This will enable transportation to work, school, shopping and other community resettlement tasks.  

Fortunately, almost every newcomer volunteer will have gone through the process and can assist newcomers in accessing the proper online websites to get the process going. See related websites for Colorado and Texas State requirements.

Unfortunately, each state has its own process so newcomers and their volunteer support group should explore state requirements together. Some steps for getting a driver’s license (in Colorado) while similar requirements are needed for most states.  

  1. Identification You must present one (1) of the following documents: 1) Consular ID, 2) Passport,  3) US Military Identification  
  2. Tax Identification Number You must present one (1) of the following documents: 1) Social  Security Number may be provided verbally or physically, 2) Individual Tax Identification Number  (ITIN) 
  3. Proof that you have been a Colorado resident for the immediate preceding 24 months before  your appointment. You must choose one of the following options to prove residency. 1) Option 1: Provide the following documents. A. Your certified Colorado Taxes from the immediate preceding year. B. A document to prove your current address in Colorado from the current year. The date on the document must not be older than one year from the date of application and it must display your name and dates of service.

Option 2: You must provide one of each of the following and all documents must contain  your name, Colorado address, and dates of service. A. A document from the current year,  with your current Colorado address. The date on the document must be less than 12  months from the date of application. B. A second document to show Colorado residency  from one year prior. The date on the document must be between 12 and 23 months prior to  application. C. A third document to show Colorado residency from two years prior. The date  on the document must be between 24 and 30 months before your appointment.  

  1. Complete and sign the Colorado Road and Community safety Act Affidavit This document is to  state that you are a resident of Colorado and that you have applied or will apply to adjust your  status in the U.S. as soon as you are eligible. 
  2. Other things you will need to bring to your appointment. 
  3. Your vehicle registration  
  4. Proof of car insurance  
  5. Glasses (if you need them to drive) 
  6. Pre- Registration (optional) 
  7. Certificate of translation (if necessary) 


Related Websites (Submit other state websites to Interlinkt for inclusion) 

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  5. Texas DMV Driver’s Handbook –
  6. Written DMV test – free practice tests select your state tests/texas

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